Final: Fairlady & LaRonda Interview Part 4  

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Here is final video of part 4 vlog of the interview between Fairlady and LaRonda. For those of you that haven't seen the first, second and third interview videos. Here's the blog entries link to part 1, part 2 and part 3. Enjoy!!

For those who are not able to view revver video. Here is the video to youtube.

Be sure to go and visit the lovely LaRonda's site - Ear of My Heart Since it is all complete done. If you want to ask LaRonda more questions that I haven't asked her. Feel free to ask her in the comment sections. :)

Fairlady & LaRonda Interview Part 3  

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Here is part 3 vlog of the interview between Fairlady and LaRonda. For those of you that haven't seen the 1st, and 2nd. Here's the link to part 1 and part 2 . Enjoy!!

For those who are not able to view revver video. Here is the link to youtube video: part 3

Be sure to go and visit lovely LaRonda's site - Ear of my heart
Part 4 will be coming up soon..

NAD Conference/ Meeting them??  

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If you guys are confused why this explanation of this blog. Please go visit this post first: Link

Hello, Yall!! I know there is a NAD Conference coming up that is meeting in New Orleans. I am almost positive lot of outsiders would be so curious about our experience through a major disaster (Hurricane Katrina) as it went down in the history book. I know most of us locals would be so exciting to welcome them to our home state. I hope it will make us feel sense of belonging to a deaf community that is struggling to find our feet to stand and build. It is a ongoing process to build up a deaf community as it was so once shattered by Hurricane Katrina/Rita.

I'm sure you visitors from NAD are really CURIOUS to see our New Orleans and our surrounding.. Oh I hope you will fit in to visit our wonderful Bourbon St.. Aquarium, and River walk etc.. You got to try to sample many of our cajun foods.. I am sure you will not miss out if you taste them.. They are heavenly!!

I know I would love to meet people that are coming to NAD Conference in New Orleans. So I'm so curious who is going to be there?? Please be willing to be my new friends?? I'm sure many of us local are anticipate to make new friends with outsiders.

I just want to let you know how things may or may affect you to be aware how to talk with us. I would really like to ask many of you to be “sensitive” to this subject as not everybody is like me. Some are very willing to share their stories and experience. Some are not, so I would like to ask many of you to respect that. At the beginning, I didn’t mind sharing my stories but as the time went on. I felt got weary of telling my stories again and again. That’s because I felt I wasn’t really am able to move on. I felt like I was stuck in the past but really I am moving on to heal from the hurricane disaster. Not everybody is like me. Just keep that in mind when you chat with us local Louisiana people. There are some questions I felt were little bit too personal and sensitive issues. Especially about money or insurance issues or if their family died and whatnot. Sometimes things are best left to be said on their own by not asking others . I want everybody to feel free to ask and answer as long they are comfortable to ask/answer.


Hurricane Katrina: Part 1 - Before & After (Deaf Community)  

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Here is my Vlog with subtitle on my perspective on the deaf community before and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Please bear with me as it was bit difficult to expressed this vlog. As I'm sure you will see I'm bit not sure what to say or feel about what I see and what I have gone through. Thanks for your patiences. :)


For those who can't view revver video.. Here is the youtube link: Hurricane Vlog 1

Fairlady Interview LaRonda Part 2  

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Fairlady Interviews Laronda
Part 2

For those who can't see revver videos, here's youtube link: part 2
Ear of my heart link: LaRonda SeekGeo link : seekgeo
Please be sure to visit their sites. They are really great bloggers/vloggers.
If you
MISS the part 1 interview. Here is the link: Part 1
Part 3 will be coming soon.

My Interview With LaRonda Part 1  

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Fairlady Interview LaRonda
Part 1
Youtube link: Part 1

My Interview with SeekGeo!!  

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Fairlady interview SeekGeo

Youtube link: Introduction

Youtube link: Part 1

Youtube link: Part 2

Youtube link: Part 3

Youtube link: Part 4

911 calls  

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Published Poems  

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Magic up in My Sleeves

If I had magic spells up in my sleeves
I would put a spell on the clouds to write your name in the sky.
I could draw you a rainbow with my fingers.
Just to brighten your days with so many colors.
If I could do magic,
I'll draw the stars for you.
Command the moon to shine brighter than ever.
Just as beautiful as you are.
If I could summon the stars to form a shape.
Unicorn that you can ride in the night sky.
Make you feel free and soar higher as your heart desire.

Magic Is in the Air

Waterfall falling into the river
The moon starts to smile and shine brighter
Stars twinkles in sway of the music
Witches and sorcerers casting spells together
Leprechauns and gnomes join, drinking merrier
Fairies dancing with goblins
Unicorns locking horns with each other
Magic is in the air
Somebody is in love

Be Gentle

Glittering no more, fairies.
Turn your white mane into grey, Unicorn.
Cease your magic, Merlin.
Be gentle with me, will you?
Made out of thin glass.
I may shatter with just a breath.
So pretty crackle glass I am.

You promise me the moon and the stars.
Also promise me the sun for my life with you.
Sadly I knew you wouldn't keep those promises to me.
That is not in the cards.
I just knew it wouldn't happen.
I gave my heart all to you freely.
None I expect return.

Things I do don't always make sense.
Choices I've made on my own time.
I walk alone into the dark.
I have always felt doesn't deserve to be in the light.
Darkness is where I go into.
Darkness is my calling.
It calls out my name.
I walk alone into the path that is well worn by me.
Will you find me there?
I'm so far away in the back, in the distance.
Won't you come in to find me?
Don't pull me so fast for I'll fight back.
Don't push me for I'll resist.
Don't tell me what's supposed to be
For I'll be deaf to that.
Just stand by me if you find me.
Just walk with me when I'm ready.
Hold my hand just love me for whether I decide to do.
I'll walk when I'm ready.
I'll walk back when I'm brave.
Walk slowly back to the light.